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How to choose a course

Are you a complete beginner?

Start with French 101 Beginner with is a ten week course designed for students who never had any French before or forgot most of it.

Have you learnt French before?

You know some French but you are new to La Petite Ecole Française? Please schedule an assessment by calling or emailing us; we meet each student face to face to select the best class for each and everyone of you.

Schedule a placement test

Type of classes for adults

French classes

We offer three levels of French:

Level 1 Beginner French

Level 2 Intermediate French

Level 3 Advanced French

This class meets once a week for 60 minutes over the course of 10 weeks.

Conversational French class

We offer four levels of conversational French:

Level 1 Beginner conversation

Level 2 Advanced Beginner conversation

Level 3 Intermediate conversation

Level 4 Advanced conversation

This class meets once a week for 60 minutes over the course of five weeks. One single class can be purchased.

Type of classes for kids

Mommy and Me

Exploratory French

Bilingual Kids & Teens Enrichment Program

Thematic Workshops

How to register

You may register:
– by phone at (626)325-8280

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