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Our Conversational French classes are a cultural and linguistic experience. One hour a week, you will be immersed in the French language and the francophone culture. Each series has a different focus.
You’ll benefit from an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and native speaker facilitator while meeting others who share your interest.

Four levels:

Level 1. French for Beginners: This class requires one year plus of French and the ability to make sentences at the present, past and future without being necessarily prompted. Not suitable for students who just started or are learning on their own.

Level 2. French for Faux-Beginners

Level 3. French for intermediate to Advanced Speakers

Level 4. French for Advanced Speakers

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French Connection

We are Pasadena French Connection, the largest French community in Pasadena opens to everyone who’s interested in French culture.

What we do is to enjoy watching French movies, go to concerts featuring French artists and host various French themed events and parties.

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