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f foods, and conjunctions.

– Beginning French Level 2 (Kinder and 1st)
Students learn basic sentence structuring using everyday vocabulary. Listening comprehension skills are reinforced as students color symbols with the correct color when each sentence is read. 110 words, including colors, numbers, adjectives, 32 object names, and 16 verbs.

– Beginning French level 3 (Grades 2-4)
Students learn more complex sentence structuring using everyday vocabulary. This course includes 150 words including pronouns, verbs, objects, prepositions, and conjunctions. The topics covered are items of clothing, food, places, modes of transportation, sports, family, pets, etc.

– Basic French Level 4 (Grades 3 to 5)
Students learn more complex sentence structuring using everyday vocabulary. Stories are featured in the form of comic strips and promote the development of creative skills. The textbook introduces the language in the singular verb forms with many fun exercises and games.

– Basic French Level 5 (Grades 4 to 6)
A continuation of Level 4, this course introduces the language in the singular and plural verb forms, as well as reflexive verbs. Students are also introduced to seasons, weather patterns, rooms in a house, items of clothing, time expressions, etc. Writing exercises are included in each lesson.

– Basic French Level 6 (Grades 7 to 9)
This course presents vocabulary, grammar points, and cultural topics necessary to meet introductory language program standards. It features engaging reading and writing exercises, fun oral activities, and hundreds of symbol sentences.

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6 students max


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Once a week, after school, 45 to 60 minutes per class depending on class size, 10-week program

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No refunds can be made. If classes are missed, no credit will be given, no make up classes will be offered.

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